Version 8

Cobblestone 8.0 Released With New Gift Card And Progressive Jackpot Modules And An Upgraded Countroom

Cobblestone Casino Management System version 8 has over 100 updates, features and new modules that include Gift Cards, Progressive Jackpots, Countroom and a Tournament Clock module for the in-table Electronic Plaque.

The new Gift Card Module allows the issuance, reload and balance inquiry of gift cards in exchange for earned and/or discretionary compensation points so that they can be used with Point of Sales (POS) systems for Food, Beverage and other items. The module also includes reporting for gift card issuance and reloads by player and timeframe which can be exported to CSV/Excel format for further data extraction.

The Progressive Jackpot module interfaces with the Cobblestone LED Puck in-table devices that automatically illuminates when a player places a casino chip on it. By tracking the jackpot bets through these pucks, the module can calculate the number of bets per hand as well as the total number of bets that have been dropped. Because this module integrates with the Cobblestone Count Room a shared drop box can be used for both rake and jackpot.

Cobblestone has upgraded its Countroom module. By providing more security, the ability to manage counters and boxes, verify each box, collect signatures from all counters during certification, tracking transfers to the cage/vault, and provide more detailed reporting, the customer can follow the count throughout the entire drop process.

A new Tournament Clock module for In-Table Electronic Plaques is linked in real-time to the main Tournament and Clock Module for ease of view for players and dealers. Clock selection is available in the case where multiple tournaments are running at the same time. The Clock module displays the count down timer, total players, remaining players, blinds, ante, next level blinds and duration, current level number and next break level.

Some added/updated features for Cobblestone v8 include:
– Added ability to display custom Collection Rates, by game, on the in-table Electronic Plaques
– Auto detection of max seats and display the correct amount on the in-table Electronic Plaque
– Ability to enable/disable games on the game selection page based on pit
– Updated Drivers License scanner and imager to a Windows service for better stability and speed
– Updated Clock module to a Windows service for better stability and speed
– Added cloud support for Banking Camera
– Allow Toolkit editing of game attributes including Pit, Max Seats, Game Visibility, Description and Abbreviation
– Updated Reporting Engine and some reports

Transient Path, LLC designs, develops, and supports desktop and point of activity mobile solutions for guest, patron, and employee services. The Cobblestone Casino Management solution is the first completely mobile, browser based, RFID enabled poker and table game management solution. It is the only system that takes the dealer out of player tracking and allows them to get back to dealing. We “Let the players play and the dealers deal.”

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