Cobblestone Casino Management

We let the players play and the dealers deal

Icon Service Module

Browser Based

Since the software is browser based, you are always guaranteed to be using the most current version of the product. This reduces the administration of the client devices since there is no client-side software to load or update.

RFID Tracking

Increases the efficiency of the poker room and the functionality at the table. Player's sit down, place their card in front of them and the system will automatically open their rating. Dealer's are also tracked as well as hands dealt and open seat, service, chip and floor requests.

Mobile Enabled

Cobblestone is mobile friendly you can access the software from anywhere on the floor or the back office. This allows your people the ability to perform their duties more efficiently and at the point of need. No longer do they have to return to the podium to complete a task.

Patron Management

Add/edit/view players that have signed up for your Player’s Club. Issue paper player cards with basic system. These paper cards utilize the same ticket stock and printers used for tournament tickets making this an economical solution for many small or starting out rooms. Custom plastic cards can also be issued.

Title 31 Controls

The Banking module includes many of the financial reporting that is required by the federal government such as CTR, MTL, SAR, and will be extended to include OFAC, AML, SSN verification and more. It also allows you to manage Markers, Cash on Deposit and Credit Lines.

Mobile Application

This app allows players to stay up to date on upcoming events and tournaments, check out menus that are available at the venue, look up their current available Player’s Card balance, and even sign-up on the waitlist. It also allows you to send personal offers directly to the player's phone.

Tournament Management

Control tournaments from anywhere on the floor including adding tables, releasing seats, pausing/restarting the clock, update players remaining, and tournament reporting. Clock screens are designed with your logo and color schemes making the clocks fit the room.

Ratings Tracking

The Ratings module allows for manual check-in and check-out process, through our Mobile Rate module or our RFID Rate where ratings are automatically opened when a player sits down and closed when they leave the table. Redeeming and tracking point transaction is also included.

Membership Management

Cobblestone has a Membership module that tracks memberships of any length (daily, weekly, monthly, etc...) for jurisdictions that are required to run private/membership clubs and to not take a rake on any game . We have also automated tracking of seat rentals and any daily fees for those clubs..

Two-way SMS Integration

Cobblestone has had the ability to send messages to players letting them know that their seat was available for years, but now players can respond directly to the messages to except the seat or let the brush know they don't want the seat anymore. This easy communication method allows seats to be locked up and filled more efficiently.

Offer Management

The ability to create offers and send them to players through SMS or the player's app gives floor personnel the opportunity to reward players for play, provide match play bonuses, or to send specific offers to a list of players that meet certain criteria. Complete reporting immediately show what offers are working and which ones aren't.

Cage Management

The Cage module allows for the management of cashier sessions, tournament ticket sales with instant quick view reporting, will-call ticketing from online purchases, the issuing and redemption of vouchers, Rebuy and Add-on ticket sales, tournament position payouts, voids, reprints and countroom reporting and sign-off.

Waitlist Management

Open/close games, create interest lists, manage players, send SMS messages, open seats, seat transfers, phone-in tracking, banner management and more.

Electronic Plaques

Electronic plaque shows table number, game, limits, options, buy-ins, and max rake. Player's are seated through the plaque for player tracking. Seats can be opened, and calls for service/fill/floor are automated.

Web Connector

Allows current running games and poker waitlist to be published to the companies website. Also provides access to Tournament Clocks on patron's mobile devices.

Safe Deposit Box Management

Cobblestone's Safe Deposit Box tracking module allows for the setup of boxes, configuration of rental structures, creation of electronic agreements, and tracking of sign-ins and sign-outs.

Online Tournament Registration

Fully integrated On-line Reservation system that provides tournament directors total control of online reservations, will-call and registrations from one interface.

FinCEN E-Filing

New FinCEN Service that will securely synchronize all electronic CTRs and SARs with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) which administers the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)

Contact Module