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Patron Applications

Transient Path gives players easy access to waitlist information, tournament reservations and tournament clocks from their browser.

No matter what industry you are in, giving your customers better access to information about your business has become mandatory.  But how? For what platforms (Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, etc...)?  Creating applications that work under each possible platform is time consuming, expensive and can be a support and resource drain.  That is why Transient Path designed Cobblestone Casino Poker Room Management solution as a browser based application.  We have built our On-line Waitlist, Tournament Mobile Clock, and Tournament On-line Reservation modules to take advantage of those same capabilities.

Having completely browser based programs gives the player access to information from anywhere and on any device.  There is no need to download apps for each device or configure any client software to get the full capabilities of the software.  From the casinos point of view, there are less support issues both in-house and on the customer side.  And when a new version is released you can be assured that you are running the most up-to-date version.

The first three applications available to your players are On-line Waitlist, On-line Tournament Reservations and Mobile Tournament Clocks.  

The Mobile Waitlist allows any patron to view your waitlist on any computer or mobile device with a browser. There is no app to download and no third party showing all of your competitions information.  Players are shown the games being played, how many tables are opened, how many players are waiting, interest lists or any other facets of your waiting list.  Furthermore, these modules are updated in real-time so no screen or page refreshes are required.  Just let your patrons know the URL, they connect and view.  The patrons benefit from a convenient, easy to use interface while getting the information about the live games you are spreading.  

With the increasing tournament guarantees many players are willing to travel further to take a shot at the big money.  These players can insure that they will have a seat when they arrive by accessing Cobblestone's On-line Tournament Reservation solution.  In the past, players would have been directed to third party websites that took control from the venues while charging high fees to both the players and the venue.  The Cobblestone Reservation system routes players thru the venues website, ensuring the player won't see competitive tournament advertising that might lure them away.

Control stays in the venues' hands where tournament directors, cage and accounting personnel have up-to-date reports that detail reservations, cancellations, and total monies collected for each tournament.  These reports detail buy-in amounts, entry fees, service fees as well as any convenience charges collected.

Patrons are introduced to a stress free process.  They view all tournaments available, select their choice, enter their personal information and payment information and receive a registration confirmation in their email box.  On the day of the event they show the confirmation email at the Will-Call window where the cashier scans the number and the player's seat is assigned and printed out.

Finally, Transient Path's new Mobile Tournament Clock allows your players to view any of your current published tournament clocks on their own mobile device.  When a player arrives at the webpage, they choose the tournament they want to follow from a list.  At the top of the Cobblestone Mobile Clock screen the tournament information is displayed as well as the clock.  If the tournament hasn't started yet, the player will see a countdown timer to the start of the event.  The bottom part of the Mobile Clock screen displays the current blinds, next blinds, antes, bring ins, completions, level duration, and next break information.  In the next tab they can view the total players, players remaining, total chips, average stack and the total prize pool.  The Cobblestone Mobile Clock even allows the player to view the structure sheet for the tournament.  No matter what type of device is used (tablet, smartphone, laptop) the software will automatically configure itself for the correct screen dimensions.  

Effective and efficient for both you and your customers - the true path to success.

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