Cobblestone Casino Management Software

'Let the players play and the dealers deal!'

Cobblestone Enhanced Tournament Table Management

Transient Path, LLC announces the addition of enhanced tournament table and seat management capabilities to its Cobblestone Casino and Poker Room Management solution.  The new remove/lock/unlock feature allows Tournament Directors to more accurately control their tournaments while providing better service to their players.

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Transient Path releases Cobblestone Cloud Poker Room and Casino Management solution.

Transient Path is proud to announce the release of Cobblestone Cloud, a Software as a Service cloud version of its Cobblestone Poker Room and Casino Management Software. Many organizations are choosing Software as a Service (SaaS) as a deployment option when budgets are tight and capital expenditures are harder to come by.

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Voucher issuing and redemption tracking comes to Cobblestone

Voucher-RedemptionTransient Path is proud to announce the improved voucher system for Cobblestone Poker Room Management System.  This new feature allows a poker room to issue vouchers to players during promotions and then track who redeemed them and when the transaction took place.

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Transient Path releases v3 of Cobblestone Poker Room and Casino Management solution.

cobblestone-3-v2-smallTransient Path, LLC has released Cobblestone v3 which expands on their innovative and advanced poker room and casino management solution. The new release includes mobile tournament clocks for players, online tournament ticket reservations, voucher issuing/tracking/redemption, table drop integration with RFID dealer cutcard tracking, automated player tracking requiring no intervention by staff or dealers, one click integrated waitlist transfer, extended tournament table management, and a fully updated administration module.

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Cobblestone Integrates Online Tournament Reservations

online-reservations-2Transient Path now offers a fully integrated On-line Reservation system that allows tournament directors total control of online reservations, will call and registrations from one interface.  

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Cobblestone's New Online Waitlist Display 


We are proud to announce the release of the Web Connecter Live Poker Feed and Mobile Waitlist modules for the Transient Path Cobblestone Application.  This connector adds to the recently announced Mobile Tournament Clock.

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Transient Path lets your players carry their own tournament clock.

Have you had players complain they couldn't see or read the clock during a tournament?  With clocks historically running on televisions attached to walls there usually isn't anything a tournament director can do to help this patron.  Until now.  Transient Path, LLC is proud to announce the Cobblestone Mobile Clock.

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Cobblestone integrates table drop with RFID Cutcard Tracking

Transient Path's Cobblestone Poker Room Management system now using data automatically collected through RFID Cutcards to associate dealer hands with table drop.

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