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Transient Path, LLC announces the release of v6.2

*** Note: Remember clear your browser cache or hit the F5 key on your keyboard or the browser Refresh button when going into each module such as Banking, Tournament, Waitlist, Reports, Pit so that you get the latest version.

Items included in this release.

  • Display Patron Driver License/ID on plaque during check-in/out process
  • New SMS SignUp Toolkit module that can be configured for casino/card room, SMS Terms and Conditions along with signup text to display on mobile device
  • New SMS SignUp module that will ask a patron to digitally sign a SMS Terms and Conditions then generate a PDF for internal controls
  • New SMS SignUp report that details when a patron signed up for SMS along with providing a link to their signed PDF
  • Rating Check-In Screen now incorporates Responsible Gaming (RG Status) Expiration Date
  • New SMS Default Offer toolkit where you can enable the ability of sending an SMS Offer to newly verified users. The default offer contains offer amount, title, description, disclaimer and expiration time
  • New Default Offer feature has been added to Verification process so when a patron is verified and the default offer is enabled, an offer will be sent to the patrons mobile device
  • New Promo Offer Redemption feature has been added to allow the scanning of any offer QR Code which will check to make sure offer is linked to the appropriate patron and has not been redeemed or expired
  • New Patron Ratings Totals report that displays Total Comp Points earned by each patron along with Total Comp Dollars for a specific time period ordered by totals in descending order
  • New Two-Way Messaging that allows the communication to/from any patron via SMS messages
  • New Two-Way Messaging Profanity Filter that will prevent any improper text messages to/from any patron
  • New Promo Offer History that details all offer promotions and their respective status (pending, redeemed or expired)
  • New Promo Offer Report that details all offer promotions and their respective status (pending, redeemed or expired) based on a date range and can be filtered based on patron
  • Toolkit Add and Filter/Edit User now has the ability to assign the Offer Redemption privilege to users for more access level granularity in the Rating Promo module
  • Print time cards to thermal printer for membership clubs and card rooms
  • Fixed List of Interest issue when closing the last table of the gaming day and a List of Interest is automatically created
  • Once patron is verified the cloud cluster will push SMS message with a link to both Google Play and Apple Stores to download Mobile Application. Also, a new default offer is generated and sent to cloud cluster with a restriction that a patron can only receive one default offer
  • New mobile QR code generator to link offer to patron that is displayed on any mobile device
  • New Cloud sync process to remove any offer from cloud cluster after it has been redeemed in-house
  • New Cloud sync process that will push the default new sign-up offer(s) to the cloud cluster that contain a foreign key linked to the patron’s ID
  • New Promotions/MyOffers module on mobile application platform
  • On mobile application platform the poker wait list has be sorted so as to have the games running and the lists of interest kept together
  • If patron changes their mobile number or deletes it, remove the verification and SMS Terms/Conditions flags so that they are forced to sign a new SMS Terms and Conditions but do NOT generate a new default offer
  • New Toolkit Membership Add to add your own custom membership type with the attributes of making them visible to the users, duration and amount
  • New Toolkit Membership Filter which shows all memberships with their associated attributes and the ability to edit any membership
  • New Toolkit Membership Configuration which allows the setting of the daily fee
  • Added to Waitlist History module the audit capability on when any player is Moved Up/Down or Inserted Above/Below of when, where and who performed the action. These new audits will also show on the Waitlist History Details report.
  • Added to Waitlist History module the capability of clicking an entry for more details.
  • New Patron Membership module for clubs and card rooms to issue and track different type of memberships such as daily, monthly and annual along with their associated fees
  • Print membership and fee receipts to thermal printer for membership clubs and card rooms
  • New Patron Membership Report detailing all membership fees that can be filtered based on fee type and date range along with patron name
  • New SMS Configuration feature Waitlist Auto SignUp when enabled will send out an initial SMS message to the player with all the games they signed up for
  • New Waitlist Player SMS quick focus feature which automatically sets the focus on the Mobile Number text box when the SMS Toggle button is clicked
  • Patron Authorize delete tax payer identification number (TIN/SSN) along with placing delete transaction in history table for audit trail
  • Patron Add and Edit ID Number and ID Expiration Date are required fields for either adding or modifying a patron
  • Rating Check-In/Out shows the patron identification image during the check-in/out process

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