Cobblestone Casino Management Software

'Let the players play and the dealers deal!'

Transient Path, LLC announces the release of v5.6

*** Note: Remember clear your browser cache or hit the F5 key on your keyboard or the browser Refresh button when going into each module such as Banking, Tournament, Waitlist, Reports, Pit so that you get the latest version.

Items included in this release.

  • New Full Screen Patron Management Module.
  • New Driver License/Identification Image Capture Module that allows you to link any patron account to their Identification Image.
  • Driver License/Identification Scanner now records expiration date of identification
  • Banking and Title 31 Module lineks to Driver License/Identification image for verification.
  • New Mobile Application Admin Toolkit to setup synchronization of mobile data such as patron login, account information, waitlist sign-up.
  • Background services and processes like Phone-In Expiration, Rating Expiration and Reserve Expiration now run without having to be logged in the server and restart automatically on reboots.
  • Bulk SMS feature has been added to allow for message blasting to a set of mobile users for promotions.
  • Admin Toolkit Banking Minimum Default Amounts tool to set the minimum amounts for MTL (Multiple Transaction Logs) and PTL (Patron Transaction Logs).
  • New Auto Multiple Transaction Log recording feature automatically logs a new MTL record for any cash on deposit, withdrawal on deposit, marker or marker redemption transactions that exceeds the MTL minimum set within the toolkit.
  • New Auto Multiple Transaction Log recording feature excludes deposits made with a check.
  • CTR calculator checks to make sure at least either Cash In or Out is greater than the reporting criteria of $10,000 USD.
  • New Negotiable Instrument Log Module to record all transaction involving personal, business, bank, travelers checks including money orders from banks or USPS.
  • New MTL (Multiple Transaction Log) matching engine to detect multiple transactions from the same unknown patron at any location within the casino/card room based on a criteria set by location.
  • MTL Details popup shows transaction type.
  • MTL Minimum amount is configurable via Toolkit and is enforced for each MTL Transaction attempt.
  • Fixed issue with setting player marker limit to a blank value.
  • New Banking Compliance NIL (Negotiable Instrument Log Report) Module.
  • New Negotiable Instrument Log historical area that lists all transaction in reverse chronological order.
  • New Negotiable Instrument Log Popup that appears when a transaction in historical area is touched and it brings up all the details.



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