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Transient Path, LLC announces the release of v5.4

*** Note: Remember clear your browser cache or hit the F5 key on your keyboard or the browser Refresh button when going into each module such as Tournament, Waitlist, Reports, Pit so that you get the latest version.

Items included in this release.

»New Mobile Scanning Module that allows casino employees to scan via barcode patron loyalty cards manually at any set interval to confirm the patron is actively playing in the gaming area. Each time the loyalty card is scanned it extends the existing open rating (or creates new rating on first scan) another set time interval until then next scanning session takes place.
»New Email Verification Admin Toolkit to setup subject line, message body and bonus points.
»New SMS Verification Admin Toolkit to setup message body and bonus points.
»New Email Confirmation Admin Toolkit to setup subject line and message body.
»New SMS Confirmation Admin Toolkit to setup message body.
»New Patron Add Email Verification process.
»New Patron Add Phone/SMS Verification process.
»New Patron Modify Email Verification process.
»New Patron Modify Phone/SMS Verification process.
»Patron Add/Modify modules now have new phone/SMS number formatting library added to remove any unwanted characters such as parenthesis, hyphen, plus/minus sign and spaces so that all numbers have same format.
»New Secure Verification Cloud Sync Module.
»New Patron Verification Report where you can specify the date range for particular patron email or sms verification.
»Fixed Patron Search marquee style width issue and changed scroll direction to up.
»Patron Modify has new email and sms verified watermarks to illustrate visually a verification was successful, respectively.
»New Rating Player Adjustment module to give the ability to add or deduct points/dollars to/from any patron account.
»New Rating Player Adjustment History to view all patron adjustments.
»New Rating Player Adjustment History Details by clicking on any adjustment transaction to view details such as who issued the adjustment, how much, from what device, comment and at what time the adjustment took place.
»New Rating Player Adjustment Dynamic calculator will calculate either points or dollars when a value is entered into either field plus it takes into effect the current exchange rate.
»New Rating Player Adjustment Running Totals for earned, adjustments, redeemed and balance for a chosen patron.
»New Rating Player Adjustment Report in both tabular and graphical format that shows all adjustments during a specified gaming period, pit or issuer.
»New Admin Toolkit POS (Point of Sale) configuration module.
»New POS (Point of Sale) configuration toolkit that allows you to set how Gift Cards are funded, such as through discretionary comps or not.
»New Rating Configuration Option Half-Hour Rounding to allow the system to round a patron playing time to the nearest half-hour increment.
»New Rating Configuration Option Rounding Mode to set which direction to round a patron playing time, either ceiling for the upper half hour or floor to the lowest half hour.

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