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Transient Path, LLC announces the minor release of v3.9


*** Note: Remember clear your browser cache or hit the F5 key on your keyboard or the browser Refresh button when going into each module such as Tournament, Waitlist, Reports, Pit so that you get the latest version.

Items included in this release.

»Tournament Patron Registrations report now combines tournament and alternate registrations within one report.
»New Tournament Voucher Re-Assignment feature which allows a tournament voucher to be re-assigned to a different tournament as long it has equal value and has not been redeemed/voided.
»Voucher reports now include all fees (buy-in, entry and service charge).
»The issuance of vouchers now includes all fees (buy-in, entry, bounty and service charge).
»New Tournament Load Balancer feature randomly distributes equally table assignments of tournament tickets and still uses the random number algorithm for seat assignments for every tournament table but at the same time also honors the locked tables group.
»New Tournament Filter report which allows the drilling and grouping of data based on filters such as description, event id, start date, start time, day of week, buy-in and entry fee.
»New Admin Toolkit Waitlist Display feature which allows the setting of showing/hiding tournament games on the Waitlist Display
»The Tournament Historical Tickets Report now excludes from the drop down list any tournament that does not at least have one ticket sold or sold/voided.
»If RFID Module detects an open seat lammer and there is a Phone-In player on the list, it will skip the Phone-In player and proceed to find the next available player to fill that seat.
»RFID Module checks to see if gaming table is opened, if not it discards transaction to prevent the queue from be overflowed, otherwise it processes the transaction normally.
»Must Move tables under Waitlist Table module have a new orange/brown color code.
»Changing table numbers under Pit Close Table will check to see if the table is a Must Move to give the option to Promote to Main Game.
»Any Must Move table can be promoted to a Main Game by clicking on the table number under Waitlist Table module or go directly to Pit Table Close section and choose your table number.
»Rule that you can NOT open a Must Move table unless there is a main game running to be able to take the player feed.
»Rule you can NOT close the last Main Game if there is one or more Must Moves feeding the Main Game.

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