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Transient Path, LLC announces the minor release of v3.7


*** Note: Remember clear your browser cache or hit the F5 key on your keyboard or the browser Refresh button when going into each module such as Tournament, Waitlist, Reports, Pit so that you get the latest version.

Items included in this release.

 »Updated Voucher Details Report to include Voided Voucher transactions.
 »New VOID Voucher feature to rollback any Issued Vouchers for any tournament as long as the Voucher has NOT been redeemed.
 »New Phone-In Extension when clicking on a player then the Phone-In Expiration area; will allow the clerk to extend more time for a player to arrive.
 »New Phone-In Expiration Admin Toolkit to enable/disable phone-in management, control phone-in timer and number of time extensions.
 »New Phone-In Expiration Background Monitor that watches and processes all Phone-In business rules.
 »New Phone-In Business rules: Auto Rollover, Auto Activate, Auto Delete, Auto Extend Time and Do Nothing.
 »New Registered Game Count details when clicking on any player within Waitlist module.
 »New Phone-In Waitlist Expiration details when clicking on a Phone-In within Waitlist module.
 »New waitlist feature Move Up/Down which will give the ability to move an existing player on a list UP or DOWN 1,2 or 3 positions on a waitlist.
 »New waitlist feature Remove Player From All Lists which will after a confirmation give the ability to remove a player from all registered waitlists.
 »New feature to allow Rebuys for a player who originally purchased an Alternate ticket into the tournament
 »New Game List on Smart Waitlist Popup that contains registration details of all lists a particular player has signed up for such as Game, Limit, Option, Number of Players on List (L) for that          game, Number of Tables Opened for that game (T), Number of Seats Available for that game (S) and the player position on the waitlist for that game
 »New Smart Waitlist Popup will either display the registration details of a player for a particular game or if the player is on multiple waitlists, it will show a list of all registered games
 »Fixed issue when using the Seat Now button when clicking on a player within the Waitlist; that it will decrement the seat count for that particular table
 »Enabled LogOut button on Waitlist Banner module
 »When a gaming table is closed that still has seats opened in the system and players on the action pane waiting for those seats, then the system will reset the seat count for that table back to     zero and reset the action pane for the existing players to either another table that has seats opened or put them back on the waitlist.
 »New Pit Bulk Open Seat Admin Toolkit to set the maximum number of open seats to call when opening a new game including a Default setting for games not listed
 »When a player is being called for an open seat but is not there and the clerk deletes the player from the waitlist, the system will automatically clear that player from the action pane and call      the next player that is not a Phone-In

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