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Transient Path, LLC announces the minor release of v3.5.


*** Note: Remember clear your browser cache or hit the F5 key on your keyboard or the browser Refresh button when going into each module such as Tournament, Waitlist, Reports, Pit so that you get the latest version.

Items included in this release:

Items included in this release:

New Banner module which allows the creation and maintenance of multiple application banners such as the Waitlist Banner One, Waitlist Banner Two, High Hand Banner and Tournament Clock Banner

New Tournament Chop feature that allows even distribution of payouts based on chip count

Multi-Chop feature where as you can perform multiple chops at different stages of the same tournament

Chop verification that confirms any patron participating in a chop has a valid paid tournament ticket

Auto Chop Chip Value calculator which calculates the value of each chip during the chop process

Chop Seat Chooser which allows the tournament director to pick/remove which seat numbers will be involved in the chop

Duplicate Chop Checker prevents a patron who has already participated in a chop that was paid out to enter into another chop deal

Payout Chop Information Button when clicked on during payout process will show details about the chop

Payout Chop Position locker prevents a patron who participated in a chop to get paid out for another position

Payout Position Excluder will prevent any patron who did not participate during a chop to get paid for a chop position

Prevent Tournament Payout from being Voided if payout included a Voucher which was then Redeeemed beforehand

New Tournament Monetary Historical Report shows all money details for each tournament during a specific time period in both tabular and graphical

New Tournament Points feature that enables point calculation for any tournament for each entrant

New Tournament Points Multiplier that allows the ability to give bonus points based on aggregate number

New Tournament Points Calculator uses industry standard algorithm

New Tournament Points Board Report shows all points earned per player for a particular tournament

New Tournament Top Points Report shows the top point earners during a specified time period

New Tournament Patron Points Board Report shows all points earned for each tournament for a particular player during a specified time period

Fixed issue with display clock showing thin line at bottom of screen when payouts are hidden

Filter any single quotes or special characters when creating new game via toolkit

New Toolkit Tournament feature that allows the default setting of Tournament Points during Tournament Setup

New Same Table Push Dealer feature that allows dealers to push back into the same RFID table multiple times for hands per down tracking

New Admin Toolkit Same Table Push Dealer configuration to enable or disable feature

Cage Management

Promotion Management

Tableside Service Management

RFID Integration