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  • Give your players a mobile app taylored for your room.

    Transient Path has released their customizable mobile app that your patrons are going to love. With this release there is finally an app for your player's that promotes your room, your ammenities and allows your players to put themselves on the waitlist directly from their mobile device (iOS and Android). No longer are you competing with other rooms with generic text-based, scrolling applications.

  • Go mobile with your poker room management.

    After the grease pencils broke, the dry erase pens dried out and the white boards faded, computer automation took over the poker room. List attendants who had become locked to whiteboards are now locked into PC's on podiums. Floor people who had to handwrite lists for transfers and manually open tables now must travel to a computer to manage those operations. Tournament directors with egg timers and seat cards, must now leave the tournament area to open tables, release seats or manage clocks from stationary terminals. It's 2014, a time of mobility and connectivity.  Why are poker rooms still being managed this way?

  • Rate your players and non-playing guests.

    There are many ways to track your players in your cardroom, but what if your room isn't only about gaming. How do you track bar patrons or restaurant guests? They are spending time in your facilities so why aren't you tracking, rewarding and marketing to them as well? Well, now you can with Transient Path's Cobblestone Mobile Rate. 

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